black widow #1 & hawkeye #1

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Otakon is less than a month away and so I’ve been scrambling to get things ready;;; here is an SnK poster I was planning to draw a long time ago! These three are some of my favorite characters. I’ll be making an Otakon post soon (boyasun and I will be at Table G12!) I’ve been putting off so many things b/c of this, sorry for everyone who’s waiting on me!


#that suit is tight in all the right spots ( falconbigbutt )

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Maximoff, baby.

What even are these colours

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"You can't be brave without having fear."

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That is a really unfortunate logical leap.

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accidentally gets 309240926435 puddles of car oil on self 


Comic Meme> [1/5] Favorite Teams

    Young Avengers

 ”If we don’t save each other, we got jack.”

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