Nice people can live perfectly happy that way.

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mugshots! i wanted to try ishida’s coloring style (ish) hehe, it’s nice because he’s messy as hell

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imagine steve being really turned on by bucky speaking russian and he tells bucky when they were making out one morning against the kitchen counter in stark tower (they were actually planning to make toast they swear) and bucky starts talking russian to him and he’s murmuring up against steve’s neck in a deep voice and his hands are roaming everywhere and pressing open mouthed kisses against him in between words

and then they see natasha had been standing there silently with a coffee for god knows how long and steve is really embarassed and pushes himself off bucky with a full body blush and refuses to look up from the floor but buck is just smirking at steves embarrassment until natasha just says ‘were you asking steve to marry you? here?" and that wipes the smirk off his face because how could he forget natasha speaks russian and steve is looking up now and grinning because he thought bucky was saying a load of dirty stuff but he was spilling his guts to steve in another language, which is totally cheating, and bucky’s just shooting daggers at natasha

Tonight has sucked.

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Make me Choose: Mink or Clear ? Asked by Anon



No, but think about this. We’ve seen the Winter Soldier face Fury’s car.

Maybe he’s done the same with Howard. Maybe his hair wasn’t so long yet. Maybe he wasn’t wearing a mask. Maybe Howard saw his face in the headlights for just a second.

Maybe Howard and Maria died in a car crash. Maybe Howard swerved to not hit a ghost.



I’m just here for the face he makes in the last gif.

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Rize: There are times when you have to give up on one thing to preserve the other. Your mother couldn’t do that. That isn’t kindness. That’s just being weak. Can you still stay on the side that gets hurt? Will you accept me?

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